For the most part, yes. Almost every satellite internet has some sort of data cap in place to help handle the network traffic the satellites manage. There are different kinds of data caps though. So, it’s important to see which kind each plan is offering.

Hard Data Cap

Hard data caps are very straightforward. You purchase a certain amount of data, and if you use more than that, your connection is turned off. Typically, with this sort of data plan, you can purchase additional data to restore your service.

Soft Data Cap

With a soft data cap, when you use more data than you have purchased with your service plan, you don’t automatically have your internet shut off. Instead, your internet speed is slowed down. Often referred to as throttling, this slow down is generally preferable to users over having your connection completely shut off. This type of service often allows you to purchase additional data as well, but not always.

No Data Cap

The only satellite internet company to have no data caps at all is Starlink, but there’s no guarantee that will always be the case. On Starlink’s website they say there are no data caps at this time, which could imply that there may be in the future. It’s also possible that Starlink’s lack of data caps may pressure other companies to drop them as well.

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