No. You do have to have a satellite dish though. The satellite dish performs a similar role to a modem and is connected to a router which allows you to connect all your devices to the internet.

Starlink self-installation kit

Most satellite internet companies send out a certified technician to install your equipment and ensure that everything is set up correctly. Starlink has instead opted to ship a self-installation kit to customers. The kit comes with the satellite dish, a small tripod to set it on, a wireless router, and all the cables needed to hook it up. There are a couple of things missing that would need to be purchased separately though.

Cable Routing Kit and Masonry Routing Kit not included

The satellite dish needs to be setup outside, but your router needs to be setup inside. Unless you want to have a permanently open door or window or risk damaging your cables by closing a door or window on them, you’re going to need to install some special outlets inside and outside your home. You can buy a Cable Routing Kit and Masonry Routing Kit from the Starlink Shop to do that, but since it seems like a thing almost every customer would need, it really ought to come with the self-installation kit.

Mounting equipment not included either

Another problem you could run into is that the kit only includes a small tripod to put the satellite dish on. If you need or want your satellite dish set up anywhere other than on the ground, you’ll need mounting equipment. This equipment can also be purchased from the Starlink Shop, but even though it doesn’t seem as necessary as the Cable Routing kit, it would be nice if there was at least a basic mounting bracket included in the kit.

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