For internet consumers searching for reliable high speed internet service, Starlink satellite internet may be a provider option. Customers in rural areas may have questions about trees and other potential obstacles, however. With affordable, reliable high-speed internet access difficult to find in some regions, Starlink provides a new satellite internet option. For those in wooded areas, tall trees can interfere with satellite reception, proving disruptive to consistent internet access.

Will trees keep me from being able to use Starlink?

Starlink encourages potential customers to install Starlink at the highest point possible to reduce the risk of blocked signals between satellite and dish if they’re in an area with obstacles. As satellites pass through the sky, trees and other obstacles may temporarily interfere with internet access. If you determine that you need to mount your satellite dish, mounting equipment must be purchased through the Starlink Shop. Those who want to check for possible obstructions before purchase can:

How does the Starlink app help with obstacles?

With late 2021 updates to the Starlink app, app capabilities include displaying 3D rendering of the surrounding environment and structures, poles, or trees that could interfere with internet service. The app also displays estimated duration of potential internet interference in seconds elapsed.

Trees as well as buildings and other structures can interfere with Starlink satellite internet transmission. However, by using the Starlink app before purchase, potential customers can assess their environment to see if their specific surroundings will accommodate the field of vision required by Starlink.

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