Yes, you can use Firestick with satellite internet. Firestick is an Amazon device that allows you to manage and run pretty much any common streaming service for watching all the shows and movies you want. With Firestick you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Disney+, and many others.

While Firestick is compatible with satellite internet, it is important to make sure your satellite internet provider and the specific internet plan you choose are compatible with streaming. If you’re wanting to stream in 4k HD, you will need a plan with at least a 25Mbps download speed. Otherwise, 3 Mbps is enough for standard definition and 5-10 Mbps is enough for high definition.

It’s also important to pay attention to whether or not your internet plan comes with a data cap. Many satellite internet providers will limit the amount of data you can use each month as a means of managing the total traffic going through their satellites. This could be bad news for your Firestick streaming plans. Streaming requires large amounts of data and if you’re operating with a data cap, your internet usage limit could be done before you blink. Or you could get surprised by some extra charges in your next bill. If you want to stream with satellite internet, we recommend Viasat. It comes with unlimited data. It does have data allowances (the amount of data you can use each month before seeing a speed reduction), but these allowances are very generous compared to other satellite internet providers. Viasat has many high-performing plans with the download speeds and data allowances suitable for streaming.

You should remember to have plenty of bandwidth and data to allow for more than just streaming. The more devices that are using the internet at the same time, the higher the download speed will need to be in order to keep streaming without buffering. Those devices will also be using your monthly data. If you are experiencing drops in performance, you can check to make sure there aren’t too many devices using up the bandwidth on your network. You can also check the internet speed on the Firestick in order to help diagnose the issue.

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