Stay Current with CNBC—Activate Roku on DIRECTV NOW

Watch CNBC whenever you want, wherever you want! DIRECTV NOW lets you stream CNBC Live and On-Demand using your favorite devices. Say goodbye to cable! You can binge your favorite shows through the DIRECTV NOW app or using your TV with a streaming device like Roku. Don’t miss a minute of CNBC—activate Roku DIRECTV NOW and watch on the TV and on the go!

In order to activate DIRECTV NOW on Roku, you first need to attach Roku to your TV and connect the internet. Once it’s connected, you can activate DIRECTV NOW and start watching CNBC on Roku. It’s quick and easy! You can use Roku to access other DIRECTV NOW channels too—even apps like Hulu or Netflix. It’s so easy to keep up with current events with CNBC. Activate Roku on DIRECTV NOW and never miss a story.

Get CNBC. Activate Roku DIRECTV NOW and Enjoy Seemingly Endless TV Options!

DIRECTV NOW gives you access to 60+ live streaming video channels and on-demand titles for only $35/month without an annual contract. You can sign up for a DIRECTV NOW free trial and if you like it, right now you can get your first three months for just $10/month! Installation is simple—you do not need a satellite dish or even any cables. You can connect using your wireless internet and start streaming in minutes. Yes, you can watch CNBC. Activate Roku DIRECTV NOW, and your favorite news channel will be available on your big screen, and wherever you go.

Catch up on ABC, CBS, CNN, Comedy Central, FOX, Disney Channel, CW, USA and more! That includes CNBC, so activate on Roku. DIRECTV NOW channels vary by package. You can start with the standard package with 60+ channels a month or upgrade to over 120 channels a month. Add HBO or STARZ for a little bit more each month.

Update Your TV to Stream CNBC. Activate Roku DIRECTV NOW!

Installation of DIRECTV NOW couldn’t be easier! DIRECTV NOW is compatible with smart TVs like the Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and the Apple TV. You don’t need a smart TV to stream content. A device like Roku plugs into a regular TV and allows you to connect to apps like DIRECTV NOW and Netflix. Go ahead and get the newsfeed you crave with CNBC. Activate Roku DIRECTV NOW.

Say goodbye to traditional TV and start streaming. Whether you want to catch up on the news or your favorite show, you can watch CNBC nearly anywhere now. You can watch at home on your TV or go mobile and use your phone, tablet, or computer. So catch up with CNBC. Activate Roku DIRECTV NOW and enjoy options and flexibility.

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