You can certainly play the single player, but you could do that without any internet service at all. Can you play multiplayer Call of Duty on Viasat? You can try the mobile version, that works pretty well, but when it comes to the multiplayer on the main Call of Duty games, it’s not going to work very well.

Why doesn’t multiplayer Call of Duty play well with satellite internet?

The problem is latency. Latency measures the amount of time it takes for data to travel from your computer to its destination and back. Even if it’s traveling at incredibly fast speeds, satellite internet requires that data be sent up to a satellite in orbit and back and that’s going to take time. It doesn’t take very much time. In fact, it happens in less than a second. Even so, in a fast paced, quick reactions game like Call of Duty, even a half second delay will make it near impossible to aim. Most gamers refer to this as lag. You aim your weapon and pull the trigger, but by the time that information reaches the server, the player you were aiming at has already moved.

It isn’t a problem of speed

You may have a fantastic download speed, but high latency will still be a problem with a game like Call of Duty. Think about this: Imagine you have an internet connection with a download speed of 100Mbps, but this connection has a latency of 10 whole seconds. When you download files, you can download 100Mb per second, but it’s like the download doesn’t actually start for 10 seconds. Once started, it continues at 100Mbps though. That’s why you can easily stream video with high latency. The data doesn’t change, so once the transfer starts, every part of it is delayed 10 seconds, but you don’t notice, because the data is still being sent at the same speed.

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