No, not really. Satellite internet companies will sometimes have promotional offers that might get you free access for a short period, but if you want to keep it, you’re going to have to pay for it. There is one possible exception though.

Quika Satellite Internet

There is a company offering mostly free satellite internet service, but only in developing countries. People living there still need to pay some setup charges and hardware deposits though, so it’s still not completely free. Even so, it is providing the much needed internet access to areas with no other way to get it.

Why can’t I get satellite internet for free?

Even if you managed to intercept the data transmitted from a satellite internet company’s satellite, the data wouldn’t be filtered. You’d receive a mess of network traffic that would be difficult to transform into anything useful.

What low-cost satellite internet options are there?

If you need the least expensive satellite internet out there, your best bet is probably HughesNet. If you’re looking for the cheapest option though, you should expect some drawbacks. HughesNet has a few different service plans available, but they are all 25Mbps and come with a soft data cap. That means that if you use up all the highspeed data your plan comes with, you won’t get disconnected, but your speed will plummet down to between 1Mbps to 3Mbps. HughesNet plans range from 10GB to 50GB of highspeed data per month, so be sure that this is sufficient for your needs before purchasing.

If you need more data than that, you can also try Viasat, but they aren’t quite as cheap as HughesNet. Viasat offers plans with up to 300GB of data though, so if you need more than HughesNet can offer, that’s the next best option.

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