As long as you have some way to power it, you can get highspeed internet access almost anywhere. Depending on how far off the grid you are, your options will vary.

For those close enough to cell phone towers, companies like Nomad Internet, Verizon, and T-Mobile have home internet plans that don’t require any wires to connect. They do have some limits to availability, and service quality is dependent on whether you can get a good signal though. But whether you are within cellular signal range or not, satellite internet from companies like Viasat or HughesNet can get you connected almost anywhere. While it may not be the best option for most, one other option that also has limited availability is Fixed Wireless Internet service.

Cellular Data Home Internet

Cellular Home Internet, more commonly advertised as either LTE Home Internet or 5G Home Internet, is not the same as a mobile hotspot. Mobile hotspot plans are a very poor replacement for home internet service, mainly because they do not offer enough data for typical homes. Cellular Home Internet plans generally have either unlimited data, or a much higher cap. There are two different types of cellular home internet service providers.

Providers like Verizon and T-Mobile own the infrastructure that makes up the network they provide services with. They provide a dedicated connection for your home and can be expected to function similarly to other internet service providers.

Other providers, commonly known as MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) providers, purchase data from other cell phone providers and use it to provide home internet services to customers. These services are much more expensive than the first type, but they do have the added benefit of being portable. Companies like Nomad Internet, Unlimitedville, and Ladybug Wireless are examples of MVNOs and are usually targeted at people who love to travel.

Satellite Internet Service

Satellite internet is a great option for people living off the grid. While other services are limited by proximity to infrastructure, satellite internet just requires a clear view of the sky. Viasat, HughesNet, and more recently Starlink are three of the most popular choices for satellite internet service. You can get service from Viasat or HughesNet almost anywhere.

Starlink may one day be available everywhere, but while it does offer excellent service if you can get it, it has extremely limited availability for now. Starlink is still in Beta testing and has only a small portion of its satellite constellation finished. You can find out if Starlink is available to you by entering your address on their website, but don’t be surprised if it asks to put you on a waiting list.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet service is offered by companies like AT&T and Rise Broadband. Fixed wireless internet uses the cellular data network, then turns the data into a radio signal for broadcasting it for customers to receive with antennas. The big drawback of this service is that it requires line of sight to work at all. In some situations that won’t matter, but it makes the service completely unavailable to many people.

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