Yes, you can use YouTube TV in more than one location but you need to be on a VPN in the second location. The channel selection on YouTubeTV corresponds to your location so when you are in the second home the channel list changes to reflect the lineup YouTube TV offers there.

To access YouTube TV while you are away from home make sure that you are using a VPN. This will sidestep the location restrictions in YouTube TV. Then, open the YouTube TV app, tap your profile in the top right corner and select: Settings, Location, Change Location.

If you’re not familiar with VPN, or virtual private network, now is a very good time to learn. A VPN will encrypt your personal data and hide your IP address. A VPN connects your device directly to a remote server owned by the VPN service. It’s a protected path that keeps your personal data and IP address from being exposed to the Internet at large and its bad actors. However, a VPN won’t give you complete anonymity online because at this point in the digital era there simply are too many ways to track you. But a VPN will help you remain more secure while online. There are free versions and well as paid subscriptions for VPNs.

Make sure to open your YouTube TV app at least once every couple of months from your home location to ensure you still have access to those stations.

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