No, at least for now, there are many limits on where you can use Starlink internet.

Starlink Availability

Starlink is only available in a limited number of areas, and in those areas, Starlink can only offer service to a limited number of customers. This is because Starlink is still in beta testing and in the process of completing its network of satellites called a satellite constellation. While it is unknown how long it will take to finish the satellite constellation, so far Starlink has around 1800 out of about 42000 satellites in orbit. This gives the impression that it is probably still many years away from being complete. So, you obviously won’t be able to use Starlink internet where they don’t have satellite coverage.

Starlink location restrictions

If you are one of the lucky few who’ve managed to get Starlink internet service already, you may be wanting to take your satellite dish with you when travelling. That’s not going to work. Starlink has its internet set up in many small sections, and your satellite dish will only function within the section it’s registered in. Basically, you won’t be able to use it very far from your address. Starlink does have plans to change this in the future, and they are even planning to allow internet use while the satellite dish is in motion. This is great news for RV owners and anyone else hoping to use Starlink internet on the go.

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