Can I Use My Own Modem to Connect to Viasat Internet?

Because Viasat is a satellite based internet, it is incompatible with the modems you can find at the store, which are specified for cable and DSL internet. That’s not a problem though, because your Viasat internet installation will include a Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway that acts as your modem and your router. It is designed to be perfectly compatible with your Viasat satellite dish and provide the Wi-Fi your home network needs. The Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway will give internet connectivity to your computers, tablets, smart phones, smart home devices, and any other Wi-Fi capable devices you wish to connect to the internet. It’s as easy as signing up and scheduling an installation date. An expert Viasat technician will do the rest!

Will Viasat Provide Support for My Viasat Modem?

Yes! Viasat provides support for all Viasat equipment, including whatever Viasat modem you use, whether a stand-alone Viasat modem or the all-in-one Viasat Gateway. If you want ease of mind in your Viasat technical support, sign up for Viasat EasyCare for only $8.99 per month. With Viasat EasyCare, you get priority on all Customer Care calls, free service from Viasat technicians, and the opportunity to move the location of your satellite to somewhere else on your property for free once a year.

Can I Use My Own Router?

Yes, but there is no need. Viasat’s Wi-Fi Gateway is an all-in-one modem/router/VoIP device and can provide the Wi-Fi necessary to create the home network you need. If you want to extend the range of your Wi-Fi or if certain parts of your home aren’t being reached by the router, you can use Wi-Fi extenders available in many stores to fill in the gaps and help your Wi-Fi reach further.

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