VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) protect your privacy by constantly encrypting and decrypting all internet communications going to and from your computer. This constant work done by a VPN will increase the amount of lag you experience, something that all satellite internet already suffers from. Land-based internet services such as fiber, cable, and DSL don’t have to travel to space like satellite internet does and thus can offer less internet latency (lag). So it is definitely possible to use a VPN with your Viasat satellite internet, but your internet’s performance will be affected.
In order to work well, VPNs need high bandwidth and low latency. Viasat’s high download speeds are certainly helpful here, but satellite internet’s slower upload speeds cause an imbalance that makes using a VPN more difficult. Using Viasat internet with a VPN connection will show noticeable performance issues. With the newest Viasat technology, some users have been able to successfully use some VPNs with their Viasat internet connection.
If using a VPN is something you need, make sure to sign up for the Viasat plan at your location with the highest download speeds. With the satellite beams traveling 22,000 miles into space and back, as well as from the ground station to the destination website’s servers and back, you will still receive noticeable lag with the faster plans.

Using Viasat Video Data Extender with a VPN

Viasat’s Video Data Extender is a great tool for making your data allowance last all month long. However, if using a VPN while using the Video Data Extender, the tool may not be able to identify and optimize your video playback, making you use more data than you would without the VPN. Connecting to a VPN also reduces internet speeds and thus may affect video buffering times when streaming.

Can Viasat Customer Support Help me with my VPN?

Viasat customer support is always ready to help Viasat customers with whatever they need, including questions about connecting to a VPN.
If you require a VPN for work, before signing up for Viasat satellite internet, please check with your company’s IT department to see if a specific VPN is required.

Before you Connect to a VPN with Viasat:

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