Currently, probably not. If you have Starlink internet service and decide to move, your Starlink will most likely not be able to follow you. Starlink satellite dishes are geo-restricted to the customer’s registered address and will not function anywhere else. Starlink satellites target precise areas and service is not available everywhere. If you the location you move to happens to be located within a service area, Starlink may be able to update your address, but if they do, it may not be able to be reversed.

However, there may be changes ahead. CEO Elon Musk has said the company intends to allow Starlink internet to be fully mobile later this year, even claiming it will work while in motion. This would significantly expand the potential applications of the service. It would also decrease some of the risks involved in the purchase. Allowing customers to move their Starlink satellite dish anywhere they want seems to be linked to Starlink’s goal of being available everywhere. There may need to be more satellites launched into orbit before this becomes available.

For now, if you’re considering moving, you may want to wait to purchase Starlink internet. If you do decide to purchase, make sure you’re aware that as of right now, you may not be able to move your satellite dish to a new location.

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