Can I Install Viasat Myself?

No, Viasat equipment must be installed by a professional technician. But it is actually better this way. The technician who installs your satellite dish and Wi-Fi modem is specially trained to install Viasat equipment. This is important because the quality of installation will determine the strength of your internet signal. The technician is an expert at finding the best location to get the clearest view of the Viasat satellite and then uses special equipment to align the satellite dish at a specific angle to maximize the signal strength between dish and satellite. This means faster, more reliable internet for you. While the technician is there, they will also set up your home network for you so you can start surfing the web and streaming your favorite TV shows as soon as possible.

On top of that, it’s much easier to have someone else perform the installation for you. Even if you were able to do it yourself, it’s nice to let someone else do the work. Not only is this way easier, but it saves you the possibility of making a mistake and breaking some of the equipment. With all of it in the hands of the technician, you are completely safe from all liability for what happens to the equipment during installation. And if you just wanted to save a few bucks on installation fees, you might be saving that money anyway. In some areas, with a simple credit qualification, you can qualify for free installation. This is just one more reason to sit back and let the experts do their job.

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