Does Viasat offer TV services? No. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any TV options with Viasat. The most common way to get the shows you love with Viasat is by using your Viasat internet with one of the many popular video streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. But if it’s traditional TV channels you’re looking for, you can get a special deal by bundling your Viasat internet with your DIRECTV subscription to get all the channels you need.

Does Viasat Have Plans Suitable for TV Streaming?

Yes! Viasat is a high-speed broadband internet provider with plans that reach up to 100Mbps download speeds and unlimited data. Viasat’s plans are perfect for all your online streaming needs. Unlimited data on all plans means your internet will never stop. Viasat does have data thresholds, which means your internet speed is prioritized when you are under your monthly data allowance. After you surpass that allowance, you may see slower speeds during peak network traffic hours.
Without having to worry about data caps, you can watch your favorite shows and stream your favorite videos all month long. Even after you surpass your monthly data allowance, the occasionally slower speeds won’t completely rule out video streaming. Many videos work fine at download speeds as low as 1.5 Mbps. With others, video streaming beyond the data threshold might require a little more buffering time.

Can I Bundle TV with My Viasat Internet Service?

While Viasat doesn’t directly provide any TV, you can bundle your DIRECTV subscription in with your Viasat service for a monthly discount on your total bill. With this bundle you get Viasat’s high-speed internet along with DIRECTV’s 200 channels that won’t use up any of your precious internet data. Also, bundling your internet and TV into one bill makes paying your monthly expenses one step easier.
Viasat and DIRECTV are the perfect pair for delivering all your entertainment needs straight into your home every day. DIRECTV provides all the shows, sports, and news you want without the need to download or buffer. To learn more about bundling DIRECTV with Viasat, call a customer service rep today.

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