YouTube TV has local affiliate channels including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and PBS. Subscriptions include access to more than 100 channels. You can check the local list for your area at the YouTube TV site where you’ll input your zip code to see all channels available in your area. You see all channels, or look them up in categories: Local, Sports, News, Lifestyle, Family, Add-on Networks, Sports Plus Add-on, Spanish Plus Add-on, Spanish Plan, and Others.

YouTube TV is a streaming service so you need an internet connection to watch. If you live in an area where you have frequent interruptions you can also download the app on your phone and watch it using cellular data (best if your mobile plan is unlimited) if a Wi-Fi connection is available.

The basic subscription for YouTube TV is $72.99 per month and includes ads. The content gets delivered digitally via either your internet browser or via the YouTube TV app. You can download the YouTube TV app on your Android or iOS phone, tablet, or computer; on your smart TV; or on your Firestick, Roku or other major streaming device.

You can try YouTube TV for free for up to one week before you’d have to cancel or be automatically enrolled in a basic subscription. The trial period gives you ample opportunity to watch the live ESPN channels and about 100 others before the basic subscription of $72.99/mo. kicks in. YouTube sometimes offers a discount for the first three months of $64.99 and then it goes up to $72.99 thereafter. All you need is at least one streaming device, whether phone, laptop, tablet, smart TV or other. There are no contracts so you can cancel any time you want.

You can watch YouTube TV on up to three devices at once. You can even share your YouTube TV account with five other people for a total of 6 accounts per household. Like other streaming services YouTube TV offers upgrade packages. For example, if you pay another $19.99/mo. for the 4K Plus plan you can stream unlimited and download content from YouTube TV to watch offline through the YouTube TV app.

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