You can check for a Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband) internet outage using the My Breezeline app, which you should have downloaded on your phone or tablet upon opening your account.

The app assists in troubleshooting whether there's an area outage, another technical issue at your home, or if your service has been suspended. You can use the Troubleshooter tool to diagnose problems with your service.

First Things First: Always start by checking connections to ensure all cables connected to your modem and router are secure and undamaged. A cable or LAN line can become loose. If you've checked your connections and still don't have service, proceed to the next step.

Restart Your Equipment: Often, restarting your modem and router can resolve connectivity issues. Unplug both, wait 15-30 seconds, then power them back on. Reconnect any LAN wires if present, and see if that resolves the issue. If the lights indicate everything is operational but you still can't access the internet on your computer, then restart your computer as well. This step often resolves the issue.

If you have performed the above steps and the issue persists, proceed further.

When Breezeline detects an outage, the Troubleshooter tool will display an "outage found" message, indicating a Recognized Service Disruption. The company is aware of the problem and has deployed teams to resolve it. You do not need to call if you see an outage message on the app. You should find the latest details and an estimated time for resolution, if available. In the case of weather-driven outages, the exact time when service will be restored may not be known immediately. You can opt-in to text alerts to stay updated.

If you don’t see an outage message for your area, then use the Troubleshooter tool to check your connection from the app. Breezeline will test it from their system. They can also send a reset signal to your modem, which might resolve the issue. If this doesn’t work, you can generate a repair request in the app or call customer service to speak with a support agent.

Internet outages can sometimes be resolved with a simple step like rebooting your modem. In other cases, it may be a larger issue. The sooner the issue is identified, the sooner a resolution can be implemented.

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