Exede satellite internet service was launched by Viasat in 2012 as a residential satellite broadband service. Demand for high-speed internet in rural and underserved regions fueled opportunity to provide satellite internet, which could reach remote areas with high-capacity satellites in geostationary orbit. Viasat already provided a wide range of satellite communication products and services for enterprise clients. When Viasat launched its own residential satellite internet service alongside its other communications solutions, its satellite internet service was branded Exede.

Viasat and Satellite Internet: Exede and WildBlue

Before Viasat launched its own satellite internet under the name Exede, the company had also acquired over 400,000 satellite internet subscribers when it purchased the satellite communications company WildBlue in 2009. When Viasat introduced Exede satellite internet in 2012, it also continued operation of the WildBlue satellite internet brand, which was served by the WildBlue-1 satellite.

Although Viasat had acquired the WildBlue-1 satellite and WildBlue’s satellite internet customers, it launched Exede residential satellite internet service in 2012 utilizing Viasat high-capacity broadband satellites. Viasat later introduced an Exede Business tier plan in 2014. With the WildBlue and Viasat satellite assets, Viasat was able to increase satellite broadband coverage and grow its residential and business subscriber base in rural and hard-to-reach areas.

Simplifying Viasat Satellite Internet Services

In 2017, Viasat simplified its residential and business satellite internet presence and retired both Exede and WildBlue names. Exede satellite internet, a Viasat brand all along, was renamed Viasat Internet. Legacy WildBlue subscribers were encouraged to shift their service to Viasat Internet, as the WildBlue-1 satellite that powered their broadband had aged and its technology was now out of date. In 2021, Viasat announced that it would permanently close the obsolete wildblue.net and exede.net email services.

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