Viasat 2 Plans Offer Amazing Satellite Internet Options

Viasat is proud to offer powerful, high-capacity satellite internet service just about everywhere in the United States and the Americas. Whether you are looking for internet service for your home, family or business, Viasat internet has you covered. Viasat internet plans offer groundbreaking high-speed internet service that allows users to download, upload, and stream media faster than ever.

In 2017, Viasat launched their newest high-capacity plan, VS-2, to offer satellite internet service at faster speeds and lower costs with super-reliable connectivity to make every customer on the network happy.

Viasat 2 Satellite Internet

The purpose of the Viasat 2 (VS-2) satellite internet plan is to help significantly improve speeds, offer high-capacity connectivity, and expand service and coverage areas across the United States, and even into Central America, the Caribbean, and areas of South America. VS-2 offers a great solution for vessels sailing overseas that need to gain access to the best available network in their travels.

By working with their technology partners, Viasat launched the high-speed Viasat 2 plan. It doubles the total network capacity to more than 300 Gigabits per second (GBPS). The Viasat 2 plan doubles the bandwidth and speed compared to that of Viasat 1, providing up to seven times the broadband coverage.

Viasat offers unlimited data plans in selected areas to allow users to do more of what they love online without having to worry about painfully slow internet speeds or exceeding data limits!

With a Viasat 2 satellite internet plan, users can now enjoy up to 150 GB of data!

Why not see if Viasat 2 Satellite internet is available in your area?

Viasat Satellite Internet in Your Area

Contact the customer support and technical team at Viasat Internet to see if the high-capacity VS-2 plan is available in your area.

If you are interested in learning more about VS-2 or if you are ready to order online, you can contact the Viasat internet support team or begin the process online. Let us show you how simple it can be to get high-speed rural internet!

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