Shopping around for rural internet and wondering which satellite internet providers offer the fastest internet plans, the most data allowance, all at an affordable base price? There are quite a few choices for satellite internet, but you want the best satellite internet available. Satellite Internet is now available at high speeds that rival DSL in some areas. ViaSat Internet (formerly Exede Internet) is one of the leading satellite internet providers out there, but is ViaSat Internet any good?

Is Viasat really good internet for Gaming?

Deciding whether ViaSat Internet is any good depends on your lifestyle, internet habits, and internet plan. The ViaSat unlimited plans offer unlimited data, while the Viasat internet plans are priced based on data allowance. The Liberty plans offer a free zone giving customers unmetered access to the internet from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. Liberty plans start at $50/month for 12 Mbps and 12 GB priority data and go up to 50 GB of priority data for $100/month. If you’re a light internet user, the Liberty plans offer an affordable high-speed rural internet option. ViaSat unlimited plans start at $70/month for 25 Mbps speeds with unlimited data, and plans go up to 100 Mbps for $200/month. ViaSat is affordable, offering bundles with DIRECTV and home phone service. ViaSat gives customers professional installation to make sure the satellites are placed in the right spot, so customers receive the best service possible.

What about satellite internet for gamers? Depending on what type of games you play, satellite internet for gaming may work for you. Satellite internet has a slight latency, which is typically unnoticeable when searching on high-speed internet or even streaming content. The delay may be just half a second, but in multi-player online role-playing games, it can cause problems and some games even block users with higher latency.

So is ViaSat Internet any good for gaming and Is Viasat good internet?

Gamers using ViaSat will be able to play many types of games including turn-based games and social networking games but may have issues with certain role-playing and sports games. ViaSat Internet is one of the fastest satellite internet providers available. The ViaSat unlimited plans give customers unmetered access to high-speed internet, giving them an edge over the competition. Unlimited satellite internet with Wi-Fi is important as gamers need access to high-speed internet and unlimited data to enjoy their favorite games.

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