During the Starlink satellite internet beta test phase, Starlink has been offering customers a connection with speeds between 100MBps to 200MBps, latency around 20ms, and unlimited data. There has been no indication on whether this will be the case when Starlink is fully released. In the support section of Starlink’s website, the question “Are there data caps?” is answered with “At this time there are no data caps.” This certainly suggests that there could be data caps in the future.

Starlink satellite internet Beta

It’s unclear when Starlink will leave beta testing, but for now you can still sign up on Starlink’s website. If you enter your address on the website, you can find out if service is available in your area. If Starlink is unavailable, or already at capacity in your area, you can still pay the $499 for the self-installation kit and be put on a waiting list.

The waiting list is apparently quite long, with some customers reporting wait times as long as a few years, but it likely varies by location. If you choose to sign up, Starlink will notify you when service is available and it’s your turn to receive service. Be careful not to change your service address if you don’t have to, though. It seems that changing your address while on the waiting list sends you to the back of the line.

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