Maybe, but if not, you may be waiting for longer than you might expect. The only way to know for sure is to sign up for service on Starlink’s website.

Is the Starlink waiting list that long?

It’s unclear just how long the waiting list for Starlink internet is, but many have reported wait times measured in years. Unless you are quite lucky, if you purchase service from Starlink internet you will be put on a waiting list and contacted when it’s finally your turn to have the self-installation kit shipped to you. Wait times can vary considerably, from only a few weeks to even a few years. This is because Starlink internet service is still in the Beta testing phase.

Starlink is still in Beta

Beta testing is a term referring to a stage of product development where most of the core features are in place, but testing needs to be done on a larger scale to solve any problems before releasing the product to the market. Starlink is currently in Beta and is not expected to function like the finished product will. It is only available in select areas for now, and slower speeds and outages may occur as they work out the kinks. In the meantime, if you want to sign up for the Beta and have the $500 you’ll need for it lying around, you can do so on their website. Just don’t expect your turn to come up any time soon.

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