WildBlue is now owned by Viasat Internet. In 2009 Viasat bought WildBlue after several years of partnerships that included Viasat building modem equipment and supplying other technology to WildBlue. The back-end support for satellite technology requires strong capitalization so that companies can invest in the best satellites, the most rugged testing, and additional equipment on the ground to enable signal transfers. The internet signal is a two-way street with data coming in and going out simultaneously. As a satellite customer your internet access is supported by a network of equipment that controls signal traffic efficiently. Viasat provides fast internet access for customers on land, sea or in the air.

Original WildBlue customers were trailblazers as early adopters of the best technology at the time for getting rural internet that was faster than dial-up. The WildBlue pioneers took advantage of a better solution. Back then, it was still possible, though quite difficult, to think about living a life independent of the internet. But because digital communication is cost effective it has been adopted by almost everyone and everything and it’s close to impossible to live disconnected today.

Existing Wildblue customers are now served by Viasat with a variety of plan and package options. A great deal has changed in the past 10 years both in satellite technology and in increased demand for broadband access from any location, even the hardest-to-reach locations on earth. Viasat is committed to connecting the world and expects to launch one of the most powerful satellites ever built in early 2022. It’s a very exciting period for satellite spacecraft development.

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