First There was WildBlue

Before Viasat satellite internet, there was Exede.  Before Exede there was WildBlue, a pioneer of satellite internet.  When WildBlue was acquired by Viasat in 2009, many WildBlue customers decided to upgrade to the available Viasat and Exede internet plans, but for varying reasons, some decided to stick with their WildBlue plans.  In 2012, WildBlue technology was upgraded with SpeedBoost, increasing its internet speeds to 2 or even 6 times faster.  This was a free and welcome upgrade for WildBlue customers.

With faster Viasat plans available, why have some WildBlue customers decided to keep their grandfathered WildBlue internet plans past the acquisition?  There are a variety of reasons.  Some have internet accounts and changing to a Viasat plan would require relinquishing those accounts.  Others have found WildBlue customer service reps to be particularly helpful and understanding toward the unique situations faced by rural internet users.  Finally, the WildBlue name carries with it a sense of pioneering, as it was one of the first satellite internet providers.  Some customers enjoy the association with this pioneering spirit.

How Does WildBlue Satellite Internet Work?

WildBlue provides internet signals to 400,000 customers with it’s WildBlue-1 satellite.  This satellite functions with Ka-band spot beam technology.  This means that the frequencies from the WildBlue-1 satellite are split into different coverage areas, allowing more use of the frequency and spectrum, increasing the overall capacity of the satellite.  WildBlue satellite internet is available wherever these WildBlue-1 spot beams reach.

In its time of pioneering satellite internet, WildBlue was a happy upgrade from the slow and unreliable dial-up internet.  WildBlue has been offering its always-on broadband since 2004.  This was a welcome new option to rural internet users who were tired of using dial-up, or who had no internet options at all.  These customers now had access to up to 1.5Mbps download speeds through WildBlue satellite internet, and at a great price.  WildBlue was a breath of fresh air for many living in remote parts of the United States.

Continued Viasat Support of Legacy Exede and WildBlue Satellite Internet Services

While new Viasat internet plans do not offer email services, in December 2017, Viasat announced its continued support of email services for those with Exede or WildBlue accounts.  Email services cannot be found directly on the Viasat website, but for those with Exede email accounts, you can visit  For those with WildBlue email accounts, you can visit or  There is no need to switch email providers. 

Where to Find Help with Your WildBlue Internet Service

The WildBlue Help Center has everything you need as a WildBlue Satellite Internet legacy user.  There you will find all the information you need about your account, tools for managing your WildBlue internet service, ways to make online payments for your account, WildBlue customer service, and help linking your WildBlue or Exede email to an email client.

Have any Questions about WildBlue satellite internet?

The Viasat Community is a great place to discuss all your WildBlue satellite internet questions.  The Viasat forums are full of experienced satellite internet customers and moderators who will be able to help you with your questions about WildBlue internet.  These experienced users are a great source of help regarding your satellite internet questions.

Do You Want Viasat Satellite Internet?

If you want satellite internet with unlimited data at speeds of up to 100Mbps, call Viasat today.  If you are interested in phone and TV services, consider bundling Viasat Voice and DIRECTV with your Viasat internet service to get unlimited calls and over 200 HD TV channels at a discounted price.  Viasat Voice is not available to accounts using Exede or WildBlue internet plans. 



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