Excitement continues to build for Viasat 3 as we reach the end of 2021. The first of three planned satellites for Viasat 3 is expected to launch in early 2022. With advancements being made in other technologies like mobile hotspots, you may be wondering if Viasat 3 will be better than mobile hotspots.

Limitations of mobile hotspots

Mobile hotspots use a cellular data plan to access the internet and provide a Wi-Fi connection for devices. The newest and fastest connection type, 5G, has many people hopeful that it will be a competitive home internet option. There are a few obstacles in the way though.

Limited Availability

A solid enough 5G connection for home internet use requires a fairly close proximity to a 5G cell tower and only so many people can be using the same tower before it becomes congested and no longer gives out the high speeds that make it desirable. Because of this, even if you live right next to a 5G cell tower, you may not be able to get a reliable connection.

Data Caps

While Viasat does have some soft data caps, they are much more reasonable than the ones imposed on mobile hotspots. Viasat currently offers plans with up to 300GB highspeed data, and then unlimited standard data after that. Mobile hotspot plans only have a max of 30GB highspeed data before the speed drops. This is insufficient for most households.

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