Two of the biggest names in satellite internet are Viasat and HughesNet, but HughesNet may soon get left in the dust thanks to Viasat 3.

What is Viasat 3?

Viasat 3 consists of 3 new satellites that will be added to Viasat’s satellite constellation beginning in early 2022. Each satellite has a 1TB per second capacity, and when all 3 come online, Viasat’s total network capacity will be increased to 3.5TB per second. Even after HughesNet completes its own current satellite project Jupiter 3, Viasat will still have over 3 times the network capacity of HughesNet.

The global reach of Viasat 3

One of the biggest advantages of satellite internet is that it can be used anywhere that the satellite signals can reach. HughesNet does have some international availability but is primarily used in the United States and Canada. The 3 satellites launching for Viasat 3 will provide a continuous coverage area around the planet. The only areas not covered are the extreme North and South near the polar regions.

Viasat 3 will give Viasat better coverage and better capacity than HughesNet. Viasat already offers better performance than HughesNet, and the divide is likely to widen further.

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