Viasat’s headquarters are in Carlsbad, CA, but Viasat also has offices all around the US and the world. Viasat is a high-speed satellite internet provider that serves the military and businesses, including airlines, ocean freight carriers, and trucking companies.
But Viasat internet is not just available to the military and to businesses. Viasat is also the best home internet option for many rural internet users across the United States and Canada, and even in some locations internationally. Viasat internet benefits from using the sky as its main infrastructure. Viasat internet can reach anywhere a satellite dish can look into the sky and see a Viasat satellite. Even in many remote locations nowhere near Viasat facilities, Viasat offers plans that can reach up to 100Mbps download speeds. Viasat internet isn’t just confined to the 48 continental United States. It is available even as far as Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.
Many remote locations are cut off from the internet world because land-based internets such as fiber, cable, and DSL can only reach so far. With Viasat, this is no longer a problem. Wherever you live, when you sign up for a Viasat internet plan, an expert Viasat service technician can show up at your location at the scheduled time and install Viasat internet for you. These expert technicians have the experience required to install your Viasat equipment for maximum performance and reliability.
If you are interested in Viasat internet, call today to talk to a customer service representative and discuss the Viasat plans available in your area. The customer service rep will be able to answer all your questions and help you find the Viasat internet plan you need.

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