Starlink currently offers satellite internet service in limited areas for $99 per month. To find out if Starlink is available to you, enter you address on the Starlink website.

Starlink satellite internet Beta testing

Starlink internet service is currently in Beta testing and isn’t fully released to the public yet. What this means is that Starlink is offering service in limited areas and quantities to further test and stabilize their network before releasing. If you want to sign up for the Beta test, you can still do so on their website. If Starlink is available in your area, and your area hasn’t reached its capacity limit yet, you may be able to get a self-installation kit shipped to you in a matter of weeks.

The more likely case though, is that Starlink isn’t available in your area yet, or your area is already at capacity. In this situation, you’ll be put on a waiting list notified when Starlink becomes available in your area. Starlink is offered on a first come first served basis though. So, you could be waiting a long time to get Starlink. Some customers have reported wait times as long as a few years. The self-installation kit comes with a $499 price tag that you need to pay upfront to even put your name on the waiting list, so many customers are probably going to hold off for now.

How to get satellite internet now

If you’re unable to wait for Starlink or just don’t want to, there are other companies that offer satellite internet service that can get you connected right away. Viasat and HughesNet are two well established companies that offer satellite internet service almost everywhere. If you need to a highspeed reliable connection today, you don’t have to wait on Starlink. Get connected with Viasat or HughesNet today.

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