Viasat 3 brings a big increase in network capacity in 2022

Viasat already offers speeds of 100Mbps to select areas, but the total network capacity has kept the size and number of areas quite limited. That can be expected to change when Viasat launches its new Viasat 3 satellites into orbit in 2022. The new satellites will enable Viasat to offer highspeed internet access to more people than ever before.

What will change with Viasat 3?

Viasat is launching 3 new satellites into orbit around the earth, and each one is going to increase the capacity of the Viasat network by 1TB per second! For reference, the existing fleet of satellites has a total capacity of 500GB per second combined. This amounts to a seven-fold increase in network capacity. Itís not just an increase in capacity though, the new satellites will allow Viasat to extend its reach as well so Viasat can be available anywhere in the world!

Will available speeds increase with Viasat 3?

While there hasnít been any announcement of a new speed tier, donít be too surprised if they do. The newer generation of satellites are going to be able to handle a great deal more than their predecessors, and big investments like this one often lead to more advancements and innovations. One cool new feature the Viasat 3 satellites have is the ability to flexibly move around the capacity to where itís needed. Whether the changes include a higher limit to the maximum download speed or not, you can expect things to just keep getting better when Viasat 3 comes online.

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