While most airlines are still using the old pay-to-surf model of airplane internet use, there are a few airlines that are using Viasat satellite internet to break the mold. These airlines are each using one of three models.

1. Free Internet for Premier Customers Model

Airlines: SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), and El Al Israel Airlines

In this model, all premier customers get free Viasat internet access. What does it take to be considered a premier customer? Well, you may be premier in our book, but the final decision is up to the airline.

2. Sponsored Internet Access

Airlines: American Airlines

In this model, a company sponsors internet access on flights to give access to their own specific content. For example, American Airlines has partnered with Apple. Apple sponsors the Viasat internet access, but only for access to Apple Music. It’s not full internet access, but free access to over 50 million songs is better than nothing.

3. Full, Free Internet Access

Airlines: JetBlue, and Qantas

This model is the most self-explanatory and clearly the best. Just connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi and start using Viasat’s high-speed satellite internet to pick back up on that Netflix show you didn’t finish the night before. This is likely to become the new norm for in-flight Wi-Fi in the future.

With its growing team of high-capacity satellites, Viasat is uniquely equipped to become a leader in airline internet access. Keep your eyes open for more airlines choosing Viasat in the future to offer full, free internet access to their passengers.

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