When choosing an internet service, it’s important to look at each plan. Viasat vs. Verizon internet plans have different benefits and affordability based on your internet usage. If you’re going to be using the internet for gaming, you’ll need faster download speeds compared to someone who is more interested in streaming movies and music.

Viasat vs. Verizon Internet: Who to Choose?

Trying to decide between Viasat vs. Verizon internet for your home? Today you have many internet service options. There are lots of internet providers, so it can be hard to decide which internet service will offer the most affordability and reliability with the best download speeds. Explore each internet service provider to find out which high-speed internet is best for your home.

The Best High-Speed Rural Internet: Viasat vs. Verizon Internet

Viasat satellite internet is one of the most popular rural internet providers. Viasat offers unlimited satellite internet to customers across the United States, even in remote areas. If you are looking at Viasat vs. Verizon internet, and you live in a rural area, Viasat will be your clear choice. Satellite internet now offers speeds that rival DSL internet service and cable. If you live far away from a DSL hub, you may find faster speeds with Viasat internet service compared to a DSL internet service.

Verizon is traditionally known for cell phones but now offers Verizon internet. Verizon Fios is a fiber-optic network, providing the fastest internet download speeds available. Fiber internet will be faster than satellite internet service, but only those living in big cities have access to Fios. If you are looking at Viasat vs. Verizon internet and you live in a city, check the Verizon Fios availability map to see if Verizon internet is an option for you. Fiber internet doesn’t use satellites, cable networks, or DSL. It uses fiber-optic lines that can transfer more data than the other internet networks. Verizon Fios has download speeds up to one gigabit, making it the fastest service available. Because fiber internet uses its own infrastructure and is new technology, it is not available everywhere.

Bundling Internet with Phone or TV: Viasat vs. Verizon Internet

Shopping for reliable internet that is also affordable? Compare Viasat vs. Verizon internet to see who offers the best bundling. Bundling helps you save each month. You can build your own Viasat or Verizon bundle package to meet your home’s needs.

Let’s break down the money in our look at Viasat vs. Verizon internet—you may find it helpful to make a chart as you compare ISP options. Viasat internet plans for unlimited satellite internet start at $70/month for up to 25 Mbps download speeds and go up to $200/month for up to 100 Mbps download speeds. All plans include Wi-Fi and require installation by a certified Viasat technician. Viasat customer service is rated highly for being helpful and reliable. When bundling you can save $10/month for each service added for DIRECTV and VOICE. DIRECTV starts at $35/month, and home phone service starts at $19.99/month. Verizon home internet plans start at $39.99/month for up to 100 Mbps and go up to $79.99/month for Fios Gigabit Connection, bundling home phone and TV. Both Viasat and Verizon require two-year commitments.

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