If you find yourself asking the frustrating question, “Why is internet not working?”, then consider checking an internet outage map live and see if others in your area are experiencing the same problem. If you don’t find any outages, call Viasat customer service—you can rest assured that customer support will help solve the problem swiftly and efficiently. Viasat satellite internet service is one of the most reliable on the market and Viasat offers internet, TV, and phone bundling. On those rare occasions when you find Viasat internet not working, fixing your internet connection problems is Viasat’s top priority.

What to Do? Viasat Internet NOT Working!

In rare instances, you may find yourself experiencing the 21st century nightmare of an internet outage. Viasat internet is one of the best providers in terms of reliability, but a widespread internet outage may be out of the control of Viasat satellite internet service. Rest assured that in the event of a Viasat internet outage, your Viasat internet service provider is working to solve any potential problems to keep you connected. Fortunately, if you find your internet is down, there are a couple of things you can do to pinpoint the issue and get your home connected once again.

Troubleshooting Viasat Connection Issues

Why Is My Internet Not Working? Things to Consider When Viasat Internet Is Not Working

If you find your internet not working, check and see if there is a major internet outage today in your area. The easiest way to do this is to check an internet outage map live, and check if internet is down in the areas near your location. Current internet outages are consistently updated on an internet outage map, so if Viasat internet is down, you can find out there. If you find internet outages today on the map, then you can be certain that Viasat is aware of the outage and working diligently to fix the problem.

My Internet Is Down: Solutions when Viasat Internet Is Not Working

If you find your location is not on the map of internet outages with your wireless internet not working, there are things to do. You may want to try searching “Viasat internet not working” using your cell phone’s data when your internet is down. As you troubleshoot the issue with your computer internet not working, telephone support and Viasat customer service will be happy to assist you. Customer support can alert you to any Viasat internet outage news, and further direct your call to the appropriate person to help you get your internet back up and running. If you find your Viasat router internet not working or your modem, you might need to call for a visit from a certified technician.

Being Prepared for a Viasat Outage

When you first sign up for Viasat do these two things: download the Viasat app to your phone, and input the Viasat customer service number into your cell phone contacts. At the very least you’ll be able to pull up the number and dial for assistance. Before you call, take a look at your modem and Wi-Fi equipment to see what lights are on or off. If it’s safe and convenient to do so, check to see if snow or leaf debris is covering your dish. If you cannot do this safely, that’s ok. Call customers service and report it. You may need a trained professional service visit. Never risk falling off a ladder or a roof just to check your internet. A Viasat outage will not last indefinitely.

Is Viasat Internet Down or Is My Computer at Fault?

Here’s a perfect example of why downloading the Viasat mobile app on your phone pays off. Check the app to see if you have exceeded your prioritized data amount if you have an unlimited plan, or, if you have a capped data plan, whether you hit the cap and have had access restricted. Neither one is a connection problem. In the first case, your data will slow down during peak traffic time because it’s now prioritized behind other customers. For capped plan overages, you can buy more data on the app and get back online. You also will want to check your own equipment whether you have a combined Modem and Wi-Fi Router, or separate Wi-fi router and modem. Use your cell phone to open a web browser, and search for Viasat Troubleshoot Connectivity. Follow the directions on the Viasat help page.

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