Viasat does not offer fiber internet. Viasat is an internet service provider, but they offer highspeed satellite internet services, not fiber internet services.

Viasat satellite internet

Unlike Viasat, fiber internet service providers use long stretches of fiber-optic cable to bring internet connections to homes and businesses. It is mostly offered in large cities and high population areas. The reason for that is that the long miles of cable are expensive, and a fiber internet service provider needs to be able to generate enough income from customers to make the investment worthwhile. In lower population areas, fiber internet is not worth the investment. All Viasat customers need to get a highspeed internet connection is a satellite dish, and a clear line of sight to the sky. That’s why Viasat is able to offer highspeed internet service even to people in rural and remote areas.

How does Viasat internet work?

When you check your email, video chat with your family, or stream a movie, you just want it to work. But how does it work with Viasat? Unlike fiber internet, when a Viasat customer wants to access something online, the request goes from the device to the router, and from the router to the satellite dish. The satellite dish transmits the request to the satellite in orbit at the speed of light, and the satellite bounces it back down to a larger Satellite dish at one of Viasat’s ground stations. From there, the signal is sent along fiber-optic cables to its destination just like every other connection. When a response is given, it makes the same trip back in reverse.

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