Get Viasat Fast Satellite Internet

Looking for super-fast satellite internet service? ViaSat has the fastest residential satellite internet service in the U.S, and ViaSat fast satellite internet is available across the nation. Satellite internet is the perfect choice for those living in rural areas, where DSL or cable internet is unavailable or too slow.

ViaSat satellite internet is affordable and budget-friendly. Customers are given a three-year price lock guarantee, so you don't have to worry about your bills increasing. Installation is quick and easy; you can schedule an appointment over the phone, and a ViaSat specialist installs most satellites in two to three hours. ViaSat fast satellite internet service can be bundled with Direct TV or ViaSat home phone service to save $10/month.

Is satellite internet fast? New breakthroughs in technology have made high speed internet by satellite possible. Satellite internet now has speeds that compete with DSL. Viasat fast satellite internet is often the fastest (sometimes only) choice of high speed internet for those living in rural areas.

How Do I Get Viasat Fast Satellite Internet?

All you need for Viasat fast satellite internet is a small satellite dish, a modem and a wireless router provided by Viasat to set up satellite internet. This equipment gives your home Wi-Fi and allows your computer or phone to send connection requests to the satellite.

You do not need any existing cables or wires, as with other high-speed internet services. The satellite dish will be installed outside your home, in a spot that has a clear view of the sky. Service can be interrupted if your Viasat satellite dish becomes blocked and the signals cannot transmit. This may happen occasionally during heavy storms, but overall ViaSat fast satellite internet service is very reliable.

How Does Viasat Fast Satellite Internet Work?

How does Viasat fast satellite internet work? If you're on your phone or computer, and want to check your email or go to a web page, the request is sent from your device to the small satellite dish outside your home, using the wireless modem. Your satellite dish takes this request and sends it to the ViaSat high speed internet satellite that is orbiting in space. The ViaSat satellite will communicate this request to the ViaSat hub located on the ground, where the connection is made and sent back to the ViaSat satellite in space. The orbiting ViaSat satellite sends the filled request back to your satellite dish, and you are able to go to the webpage or check your email. The ViaSat satellite in space acts as a communicator between your home and the ViaSat hub, facilitating the connection requests. The entire process only takes a couple of seconds.

Other high-speed internet options require existing cables and other infrastructure that may not be available in your area. Customers located closest to these providers receive the fastest connectivity. DSL internet is the modern-day dialup and uses telephone lines to connect internet to your home. If you have telephone poles near your house, you are likely to have DSL as an option. DSL speeds can be affected by distance; if you live too far away from your internet provider's hub, your Internet speeds and reliability can decrease. Cable internet requires a network of existing cables linking your home to the provider's network. If you cannot receive cable television, you will not be able to get cable internet. Wireless internet is another option, if you are located near a cell tower. Wireless internet uses cell towers to deliver internet to your home, but is often expensive and signals can be weak in rural areas.

How Much Does Viasat Fast Satellite Internet Cost?

How fast is satellite internet? ViaSat fast satellite internet has up to 30 Mbps download speeds. Plans start with up to 12 Mbps download speeds, which allows for video streaming on smaller screens for $30/month ($50/month after the first three months). The fastest satellite internet service from ViaSat offers up to 30 Mbps download speeds, which can stream HD video at 720p for $100/month ($150/month after the first three months). ViaSat offers fast unlimited satellite internet with some of its plans, and includes free standard installation and built-In Wi-Fi. All Viasat fast satellite internet plans require a 24-month commitment and a $9.99/month equipment lease fee.

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