While the exact latitude and longitude of the Viasat 3 satellites isn’t known, they can be estimated from the coverage map on Viasat’s website. It should be noted that the coverage areas are approximate and subject to change though, so this may not end up being close.

Viasat 3 Latitude

From the coverage map, each of the three satellites appear to be lined up to cover the same latitudinal section. It stretches from about 75° N to 60° S. Assuming that the satellites are centered on their coverage areas, that would put each satellite at a latitude around 7.5° N.

Viasat 3 Longitude

The longitudinal range will be different for each satellite. The Viasat 3 Americas satellite will cover the area from about 160° W to 15° W. Continuing the assumption that the satellites are in the center of their coverage areas, the Viasat 3 Americas satellite will sit at a longitude around 87.5° W. The Viasat 3 EMEA satellite would cover from 35° W to 110° E and be located at a longitude around 37.5° E. And the Viasat 3 APAC satellite would cover from 85° E to 130° W and be located at a longitude around 157.5° E.

Viasat 3 satellite approximate locations

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