Originally planned for 2019, Viasat is scheduled to launch the first of the three planned satellites for Viasat 3 in the second quarter of 2022 on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. The other two satellite launches are expected to follow.

Viasat 3 launches are moving forward despite setbacks

Like most companies during the Covid-19 pandemic, Viasat has experienced delays and setbacks in its plans to launch 3 next generation satellites into orbit. From spikes of Covid cases in the payload facilities in Arizona, to the supply chains delays almost every industry is facing, Viasat has continued to press on despite the unavoidable delays.

Is Viasat 3 worth the wait?

Absolutely. These 3 new satellites are much more technologically advanced than their predecessors. While the satellites that Viasat currently owns and operates in orbit around the globe only have a capacity of 500GB per second, these new satellites have a capacity of 1TB per second each! When the new system comes online, there will be a seven-fold increase in network capacity. This will allow Viasat to serve more customers and offer a better connection to its new and existing customers than ever before.

Where will Viasat 3 be available?

While the first satellite to be launched will be aimed at North and South America, when all three come online, Viasat will be able to offer its highspeed internet service all over the world. Each satellites’ coverage area is planned to overlap with the others to provide a continuous network that is accessible almost anywhere on the planet.

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