One of the most exciting things about Viasat 3 is the unbelievable increase in network capacity that the three new satellites will bring to the network. The possibilities unlocked by increasing the network capacity by such a large amount have everyone speculating about what’s next for Viasat.

How much will Viasat’s network capacity be increased by Viasat 3?

Each of the brand-new next generation satellites have a 1 terabit per second (Tbps) capacity. That means that Viasat’s total network capacity will be increased by a whopping 3 Tbps! Without the new Viasat 3 satellites, the total network capacity of all the satellites owned and operated by Viasat is only 500 gigabits per second (Gbps). So, the new Viasat 3 satellites will be increasing the capacity of Viasat’s network by seven-hundred fifty percent!

Viasat 3 will bring highspeed internet to more people than ever before

Not only will Viasat 3 massively increase the capacity of Viasat’s network, but it will also stretch the network’s size all over the world. Each of the new satellites can reach almost a third of the world by themselves. Together they will overlap to create a continuous ring of coverage around the whole planet! Once Viasat 3 comes online, there will be very few places without Viasat internet availability.

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