How Much Will SpaceX Internet Cost?

One day, the whole world may be able to connect to the World Wide Web. That day may be closer than you might expect with SpaceX. SpaceX internet has launched two satellites into orbit, which may pave the way for internet access to even the most remote locations on Earth. The question many are already asking is 'How much will SpaceX internet cost?’

What is Space X Internet?

SpaceX is a company owned by Elon Musk that has determined it’s possible to provide internet access to people all over the world. The requirement is to have enough of these SpaceX internet satellites in orbit to create an operational network. The name of the initiative is Starlink.

The first two of these satellites have been launched. If they are successful, more than 4,000 more may be launched in 2019. The ultimate goal is more than 10,000, which the company says is necessary to create broadband internet which is competitive enough to meet the demands that other internet systems provide.

While satellite internet isn’t a new concept, the type of setup that SpaceX plans will be unique. Currently, satellites that provide connectivity are launched far out in orbit, which is costly. SpaceX internet cost will be less because the satellites will be in low orbit, which means savings for customers.

Another savings for the company is there will be no need to lay new cable to provide the service. Instead of digging trenches to lay fiber optic cable, SpaceX will utilize a space-based network that will be less intrusive and expensive.

Another goal is the ability to adapt to need by providing necessary resources at specific times with SpaceX internet. Internet service can slow down during periods of high usage, but this system would be better equipped to handle those busy times.

What Will SpaceX Internet Speed Be Compared to Other Internet Service Providers?

Even though it’s too soon to tell how the satellites will perform, the goal of the company is to be competitive with Earth-based internet. In other words, you should be able to do everything you want to do online with SpaceX satellite internet speed. Search the web, check email, download movies, play games and chat with family and friends. You’ll see an improvement from what you currently have if you’re connected to satellite internet, especially when you do data-intensive activities.

According to SpaceX internet news, system updates will be planned to ensure the network is up to speed with advances in technology. Users won’t be left behind when current technology becomes outdated. New systems will be developed and utilized as needed.

At the same time, the company says it will not interfere with other systems already in place. The Starlink speed is expected to be around 35mbps or between cable and fiber-optic speeds today. Users would notice a big difference between the speed of SpaceX internet and current satellite internet plans because of the difference in location. Today’s satellites orbit the Earth at 22,000 + miles where SpaceX satellites would be less than 1,000 miles from the surface of Earth. Data would be transmitted much faster with less lag time for the Starlink internet speed because it doesn’t have as far to bounce off the satellites.

Another expected benefit for users is no data caps. Because large amounts of data could be transmitted each second, there would be little need to have limits with SpaceX as internet provider.

What About the Cost for SpaceX internet Packages?

The company has not officially said what customers could expect Starlink internet plans to cost, but it’s not unreasonable to assume that any SpaceX internet plan cost will be competitive to what is currently available. For example, average satellite internet plans cost anywhere from $30 today to $130 per month. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think the SpaceX internet price would fall somewhere in the middle of this range.

Current satellite internet plans are usually based on the amount of data you want before it caps out. The more data you have in your plan, the more you pay for internet service. With the SpaceX internet plan, there may not be a need for data caps, which means unlimited data for users. However, SpaceX internet plans could still be based on how much you use, even if there are no limits.

As more information about the Starlink Elon Musk program becomes available, especially with a launch date for service, customer focus will be on SpaceX internet price plans and options available for every location. The goal is to make it affordable for the average user, which will be essential for people in third-world countries. Current internet—where it is available—is often expensive in developing countries with many people not being able to afford to get connected.

Affordability is one of the key benefits for those in developing countries with SpaceX satellite internet cost bringing the web to more than one billion disconnected people. Not only will it mean more people can get online for jobs and other communication, but the Starlink SpaceX speed will improve internet access for everyone.

As more information comes available, users will be looking to SpaceX internet service to get them connected. They will want to know more about Starlink internet cost and how it will be calculated. For now, there is anticipation that Starlink satellite internet will be the wave of the future for everyone in the world.

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