Viasat provides secure satellite communications to enterprise and government sectors. With over 30 years of communications experience, Viasat is a proven leader in delivering integrated hardware, software, network, and cybersecurity solutions. The company started as a secure communications hardware supplier for the U.S. Defense Department. Viasat continues to specialize in the development of information assurance and encryption.

Along with providing secure equipment and services, Viasat utilizes its high-capacity satellites to provide satellite internet to residential and small business customers in underserved areas.

Secure Your Residential Viasat Internet with Viasat Shield

Residential Viasat Internet subscribers gain added protection online with add-on services Viasat Shield or Viasat Shield Premium. Benefits of Viasat Shield include:

Viasat Shield Premium also includes services like antivirus protection that removes malware and viruses from up to seven devices per subscriber account.

Viasat Cybersecurity Solutions

With a “total systems” cybersecurity posture, Viasat prevents millions of cyberattacks from affecting end users. Viasat’s role as an internet service provider also increases the company’s advantage by providing a vantage point for analyzing large volumes of network traffic and activity.

Viasat has gathered proprietary cyber intelligence and utilizes internal red teams, warding off thousands of attempted intrusions daily. It created a behavioral threat library and utilizes machine learning models.

Among its certifications, Viasat is approved as:

Strong Position in Rapidly Changing Space

Corporate and government satellite operators both face rapidly crowding physical space as well as an increasingly heated competitive space. Government and business satellites have come under increasing risk as high-value targets. In 2011, it was reported satellites had been hacked in 2007. In 2018, hackers breached unknown satellite operators and telecommunications companies. In 2021, a top official commented on U.S. satellites being attacked daily with lasers, jammers, and cyberattacks.

Viasat’s integrated approach to secure communications – with encrypted hardware, software, secure networks, and architecture built for resilient cybersecurity – positions it well for anticipatory defense.

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