Is Satellite Internet Slow?

You have a job to finish or a paper to write for a class, and you want the best, high-speed internet service for your area. Your concern for choosing a new provider is getting the right answer to the question, “Is satellite internet slow?” If you’ve had issues with cable or DSL internet, you may worry about being able to download files or stream music and video online.

High-Speed Satellite Internet

In general, satellite internet provides fast, reliable service. At 5 Mbps or 15 Mbps, you should be able to get online and do whatever you want to do. You shouldn’t notice substantial delays in downloading files or being able to play games.

However, there can be issues with your internet. For this reason, you may need to do a test on your system to ensure you don’t have a problem. For example, you can conduct a speed test. It will measure the speed of both uploading and downloading for your system. You will want to perform the test several times to ensure accurate results. Close everything before starting the test.

You can go to the HughesNet Performance Testing website to conduct the test. It will show you the results, so you can find out if your system has a problem.

Web Response Test

With this test, you’ll find out how fast a website loads onto your computer. It will tell if you have a problem with slow browsing. Try the test several times to get the right results. If you determine there is an issue, you can contact support for help.

Make sure you have your modem in a central location to ensure you have high-speed internet, no matter which room you’re in. Keep your satellite dish clean and make sure the screws are tight. These steps can fix any slowdowns in your system.

Even if you live in a rural location, satellite internet can provide fast service that is reliable. You can get online in areas where other types of internet, such as cable internet, don’t exist. If you want high-speed rural internet, look to satellite to get you connected and online.

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