Is Satellite Internet More Reliable?

If you’ve recently moved to a rural area or have trouble with your cable internet and are considering a switch to satellite internet, you may have some concerns. One of the biggest worries for potential customers is the question, “Is satellite internet more reliable?” They fear that the service may be down in all kinds of weather or the connection will not be stable enough to do what they want online.

Vast Coverage

Satellite internet works by transmitting data between a satellite dish connected to your home, a satellite in space and a dish at your provider’s location. Satellite internet can be installed almost anywhere in the world, as long as you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky. What this means is you can have fast internet service wherever you live.

Your service with satellite internet is often more reliable than with cable, DSL and other options. It provides high-speed connections so you can download files, stream movies and music and do anything else online you want.

With cable, your speed can vary. The closer you are to your provider, the faster the speed. If you are at a more distant location, you may have more delays and slow connections. When you have satellite, you can feel confident that you will be online with no issues most of the time. Any interruption is usually quite brief, whereas cable can be out for hours before repairs are made.

Rural Internet

Many times, when you live in a rural location, cable and DSL aren’t even available. Your only choices are dial-up and satellite internet. Since dial-up doesn’t allow most people to function online and do what they need to do, satellite becomes the provider of choice. It enables them to work and play on the internet at high speeds and with reliable connections.

If you would like to know about the speed and coverage for your area, talk to a satellite internet service provider. They can help you understand how this type of coverage can benefit you and allow you to get online any time.

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