Latency measures the delay between a request being sent from your computer and your computer receiving a reply. The fact that this message is being sent many miles, then being computed by the receiving server, and then being sent back many miles would make one think that anything under a second would be good. But anything over 100 ms (or .1 seconds) is considered to be slow.

60 ms is in the good to average range. If this is your latency (AKA ping rate), then you probably aren’t noticing it all. Less than one-tenth of one second is pretty much impossible to see when browsing the internet, watching videos, or checking email.

The only people that might notice this much latency are hardcore gamers. 60 ms is still considered average in the gaming arena, but some gaming connaiseurs will demand their ping rate be as low as possible. 20 ms is considered very good, but most gamers won’t be able to tell the difference. Your 60 ms will rarely be the difference between life and death in a first-person shooter, though some gamers like to blame their deaths on whatever excuses they can find.

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