Viasat satellite internet can connect you to the world when you live beyond the reach of fiber or cellular internet. By bringing internet access to rural and underserved regions, Viasat gives you a way to check email, research for a school report, keep up with local organizations, send birthday presents, or even watch a show. Using high-capacity broadband satellites in orbit far above the earth, Viasat provides online connectivity even to remote areas.

How Much Are Viasat Internet Service Monthly Costs?

Viasat Internet monthly cost depends on which plan you choose. Viasat offers multiple plans at different tiers of priority data allowance and maximum download speeds. Which Viasat plans are available vary by region, but Viasat provides more than one plan option to each service area.

Viasat Internet plans range from $70 a month to $299 a month; the first three months of service are discounted. Enter your address at the Viasat website for plans in your region.

Besides your monthly service fee, consider these potential monthly discounts and fees:

How Much Are Upfront Viasat Service Costs?

Depending on your region and how you set up your service, there can be some upfront Viasat service costs.

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