50 GB is a lot of data when it comes to most internet activities. Using up 50 GB is a difficult task without using some really data-heavy tasks. If all you’re doing is browsing websites, you’d have to browse for about 83 hours per day to use all 50 GB in a month. Good luck with that! If you work from home, you might use up those 50 GB by opening 670 emails per day all month long. Also very unlikely. If you like to use the internet for listening to music, you would have to stream for 20 hours every day to use up all 50 GB. We’re getting closer to something that’s doable, but still quite a lot. Where data usage really begins to show up is whenever video is involved. If you have a 1-on-1 zoom meeting, it will use up somewhere between .5 and 1.5 GB every hour, depending on the video quality, which only leaves you with between 33 and 100 hours of zoom meetings each month. Streaming videos also require a lot of data. If you stream in SD, you will get about 70 hours per month, and significantly less if streaming in HD. So you can see that 50 GB can be more than enough depending on the activities you do every day. If you are finding that 50 GB is not enough, then consider lowering the definition on your videos, or consider getting more data.

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