How Long will 40GB of Data Last?

While most people find themselves with internet plans that include unlimited data, there are still instances where data is limited. It’s important to know how long your data will last when choosing your internet plan, and that will largely depend on what kinds of activities you do online. You will inevitably do a mix of many different activities, but here are some general guidelines for how long 40GB will last with each one:

Activity Time Doing Activity With 40 GB
Surfing websites Up to 4,000 hours
Browsing social media 250 hours
Streaming Music 270 hours
Streaming video in SD (Standard Definition) 57 hours
Streaming video in HD (High Definition) 13 hours
Streaming video in UHD (Ultra High Definition) 5-6 hours
Online Gaming (Fortnite) 400 hours

Each of these activities will vary in data usage depending on the exact nature of the activity. Gaming especially can have a wide range of data requirements depending on the game. But these numbers will generally be true and give you an idea of how much time you can spend on each activity with 40GB. Video streaming is clearly the most demanding when it comes to your data, so it’s important to be careful to monitor your video quality to make sure you don’t use up your precious monthly data too quickly.

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