How Do I Check my Viasat Signal Strength?

The best way to test your Viasat signal strength is through an internet speed test. For the most accurate results, it is best to test with a device plugged into the router with an ethernet cable. Testing through Wi-Fi can be done but there are many factors that might affect the result, for example distance, objects blocking the signal, and which frequency band your device is connecting to. If you decide to test with Wi-Fi and are getting unsatisfactory results, you might want to switch to a wired connection before you declare the signal as bad.

When you perform the speed test, you will usually get three results: download speed, upload speed, and ping rate. The download speed is the rate at which you can receive data through your internet signal. The upload speed is the rate at which you can send data through your internet signal. Ping rate is the time it takes for a single block of data to be sent to its destination and back.

Download speeds are more important than upload speeds, which is why most companies prioritize bandwidth for downloading. Your download speed should be close to your plans advertised speed. Viasat upload speeds are always set at 3 Mbps, so your test results should be close to this. Ping rates will vary, but it is normal for satellite internet signals to come in around 600 ms.

If you find your signal strength isn’t what it should be, there are many possible reasons. The most common is going over your data allowance, but it could also be a hardware issue, though this is rare. If you find your signal strength is less than ideal, call Viasat customer service so they can help you get it fixed.

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