Watching TV in a business for free is definitely available but set your expectations realistically. It’s not going to include the game from the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB. It won’t include free Disney+. However, your business may not require that type of premium content and instead all you need is something fun to be on in the background. For this you have free options.

Free TV streaming services are internet-based. You’ll need to have a Wi-Fi connection at your business that is a private network, different from the public Wi-Fi you offer customers. Don’t use a Guest network or one that requires a login page. With a good router you probably already have a private network set up at your business. If you have frequent internet disconnects then look at the age of your router; anything older than 3 years might need to be replaced.

The following list isn’t comprehensive but it gives you an idea of how this will work for your venue. If you have multiple venues then check in with each vendor below to see about the possibility of free setups for each location. The value to the content producers and streaming service is more people watching their content and identifying with their brand.

Atmosphere TV will send you, for free, an Apple TV set-top box that allows your TV to become a display screen for internet content. The device will use your existing Wi-Fi connection to download content from the Atmosphere TV servers. Normally the Apple TV box is only free for the first 3 months, then it’s $5 per month but in this case, Atmosphere TV is an Apple partner and you are covered for free viewing of the specific channels provided by Atmosphere TV in a business environment. You can even use Siri to help you do the setup. You get 68 channels of audio-optional programming (use an HDMI ARC cable to include the sound and the picture) including Atmosphere News and Sports, TikTok, Red Bull TV, Beach Bum TV, Happy TV, Superhuman TV, Atmosphere's DRONE, AFV TV, World Poker Tour, Alpine TV, Oddly Satisfying TV, FUSE Sweat, FITE sports-combat content, and more.

When you sign up, Atmosphere TV sends you an Apple TV box that you’ll plug into power, and, plug into the back of your TV set using an HDMI cable. Turn on your TV, choose the HDMI input your Apple TV is connected to and navigate using the Apple TV remote. The setup steps include connecting the TV to the internet. Atmosphere TV provides a short video taking you through the steps. One thing to know is that Atmosphere TV won’t support a public wi-fi network, a guest network, or networks with sign-in pages. All in this is a relatively easy setup process. There is a customer support number to call if you have questions for setup or anything else. Pretty sweet!

Broadcastvision Entertainment (BVE) also offers Atmosphere TV.

Loop TV is a free music, video and business TV service that’s licensed to stream content to your business location. It’ll use your existing Wi-Fi connection to download content from the Loop servers. You get 145 channels from the likes of Warner Music Group, GoProTV, FailArmy, WSL (Women’s Super League) and others. The more you watch Loop TV the more incentives and rewards they’ll provide for you. Simply complete an online form with your business contact information to request the free Loop set-top player device with power cord, remote control, 3.5mm RCA to audio cable, and HDMI cable. Turn on your TV. Plug the power cable into the back of the Loop box. Plug the HDMI cable into your TV. Plug the Loop device cable into a power outlet. With your TV remote select the correct HDMI input used to connect your Loop Player. If the Loop device hasn’t already powered on then use the Loop remote to power up the Loop “box.” Follow steps to complete setup. There’s a help number if you have questions. Google how to set up Loop TV to access the support content at Loop and see photos (preferred over illustrations) and setup steps.

These are a few of the free TV options for your business. If you want the NFL, MBL, NBA and NHL franchise games then you will need a paid service that has the proper licensing in place for you to stream those games to your patrons.

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