Exede vs. HughesNet Satellite Internet Service

Satellite internet is available anywhere, even in the most remote areas. All you need is a mounted dish facing south and clear skies. Satellite internet speeds are sometimes slower and less reliable than DSL or cable. Even so, DSL and cable work best closest to the internet provider. If you live too far away, your service becomes unreliable and slower. Satellite internet may be the answer.

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Finding the best satellite internet provider can be tricky. Two of the best satellite nternet providers are HughesNet and Exede. Both providers offer increased download speed, and no data caps.

A further look into each satellite internet provider, including major benefits and plan shortfalls, will help you decide on the best satellite internet service to fit your needs.


HughesNet offers the best internet service for moderate data usage in remote locations.

HughesNet Gen5 plans promise higher internet speeds to those living in even the most remote areas. HughesNet has wider availability, spanning the US coast to coast, Puerto Rico, and Alaska, making it the best satellite internet provider for those living in very remote areas.

Previous HughesNet plans had data caps. Services would be shut off after data limits were reached, or continued for an additional charge. The Gen5 plan removes data caps, instead reducing speeds until the next billing cycle. Customers are also given an extra 50 GB of data to use during "off-peak" hours of 2 a.m. to 8 a.m., making it the best satellite internet provider for night owls or those on an alternative schedule.

HughesNet released a mobile app that allows you to check data usage, pay your bill, purchase a data token, and check Wi-Fi signal strength. HughesNet is offering free standard installation for all new subscribers who choose to lease equipment. Despite the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, HughesNet has often struggled with customer service.

HughesNet plans start at 10 GB of data at $49.99/month and end at 50 GB of data for $129.99/month ($99.99 with the current offer). All plans include up to 35 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds. The hardware costs $14.99 dollars/month, and the current promotion waives the installation fee, which is usually $99. You also have the option to purchase the hardware for $349.98, saving $100 with the current offer. Prices are guaranteed for two years. All plans come with the Video Data Saver. Videos are adjusted to stream at 480p, promising great quality with less data usage.

HughesNet plans require a two-year commitment. The early termination fee is $400 for the first 90 days and decreases by $15 for each month of active service. If you lease the equipment, you must return it or pay an "unreturned equipment fee."

Price for 24-month commitment, includes 25 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload speeds:
10 GB - $49.99
20 GB - $59.99 (usually $69.99)
30 GB - $79.99 (usually $99.99)
50 GB - $99.99 (usually $129.99)

Bundle with HughesNet Voice for an additional $29.95/month (24.95 with current offer) for an additional two-year commitment, with free setup and activation.


Exede Satellite is best for those living in rural areas who use large amounts of data and stream videos.

Exede Freedom offers unlimited data, doing away with data caps, and data overages. Unlike HughesNet, speeds are not reduced until a customer reaches 150 GB of data for the month, making it the best satellite internet provider for those who use large amounts of data. These speeds may, however, slow down during peak hours. Exede is less widely available, especially in more remote areas, but service options are steadily growing.

Exede offers three different monthly plans, based on download speeds starting at 12 Mbps for $70 and ending at 30 Mbps for $150. Equipment can be leased for $9.99/month or $299.99 to purchase. Early termination fee is $15 dollars for every month left in the contract. Price is guaranteed for three years, and includes free installation in "limited areas" during the promotional period.

Price for 24-month commitment:
Bronze 12 - $70 ($50 for first three months)
12 Mbps download
Video streaming 360p

Silver 25 - $100 ($70 for first three months)
25 Mbps download
Video streaming 480p

Gold 30 - $150 ($100 for first three months)
30 Mbps download
Video streaming 720p

Exede offers an "Easy Care" plan for $5.99 per month.

It includes free service calls, which are normally $95, priority customer support, and annual dish relocation.

Customers can bundle Exede with phone service for an additional $29.99 per month. The current offer discounts your internet bill by $10 for the first six months of bundled service. Bundling with DIRECTV starts at an additional $29.99 and the current offer discounts internet service by $10 for the first year.

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