Why Choose Exede Satellite Internet?

Exede internet provides satellite-based high-speed internet connectivity that is available in 98% of the United States. A variety of convenient data plans mean there is a plan that is right for you and the way you use the internet.

Who is Exede internet satellite service for?

Because of the bandwidth limitations inherent to satellite-based internet services, the satellite internet Exede solutions are not recommended for customers looking to stream movies or live TV. Although faster than typical DSL or mobile 4G speeds, Exede internet offers download speeds ranging from up to 12 Mbps to up to 25 Mbps, depending on the plan you choose and your location in the United States.

Exede internet plans are specifically designed for customers who choose to access the Internet from remote locations where the high-speed infrastructure commonly found in more urban settings is missing.

How do I use my Exede internet dish and modem?

Exede high-speed internet requires an external satellite dish and an Exede internet modem, both of which will be provided to you free of charge upon sign-up. Although Exede does officially charge an installation fee, there are windows of opportunity where these installation fees are waived, so check the Exede website for promotional periods.

To use the service, simply connect your computer via an Ethernet cable (provided by Exede) or wirelessly through a Wi-Fi-enabled router you connect directly to the Exede internet modem. When you connect to the internet on your computer, the browser sends a request to the modem, which then directs that request outside to the 30-inch Exede satellite dish. The Exede dish uplinks to a geosynchronous satellite in orbit over the equator, approximately 23,000 miles above the Earth.

The satellite then selects a ground station and broadcasts your request down, and the ground station processes the request, sends back the information to the satellite, and your dish receives the response, which then appears on your computer's browser display.

The multiple steps cause a slight lag since your browser request needs to travel over 45 thousand miles to and from the satellite, but Exede high speed internet still manages to outstrip DSL with a minimum of 12Mbps download speeds.

How much are Exede Internet Packages?

Exede internet packages come in a variety of affordable plans, ranging from the Liberty 12 plan, with up to 12Mbps download speed and 12GB of priority data, to the Silver 25 plan, with up to 25Mbps download speed (when traffic is light) and priority data.

The Liberty 12 plan starts at $30/month for the first three months, and then rises to $50/month thereafter. This plan includes a Liberty Pass, which allows you to use the internet, even if you've exceeded your 12GB of priority data usage, and a Free Zone, which allows you to use the system for free between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m., daily. Yes, you get unlimited usage for three hours every day of the year with Exede!

The Silver 25 plan starts at $100/month for the first three months, and then rises to $150/month thereafter. This plan includes built-in Wi-Fi capability and video streaming at DVD quality, which is 480p.

If you want the faster download speeds without paying the Silver 25 plan, there is an option, for $10/month more, to select Boost 25, an add-on that also includes a wifi-enabled Exede internet modem.

In addition to the Liberty 12 plan, with its 12GB of priority data usage, there are also available, in some areas, the Liberty 25 and the Liberty 50 plans, with 25GB and 50GB of priority data usage, respectively.

Exede satellite internet plans are designed to provide a wide selection of affordable solutions, including staggered prices, to the cost-conscious remote user.

What do others think of Exede satellite internet?

Exede internet customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and frequently cite Exede's satellite internet service as the best-in-class solution from available satellite internet providers.

Even in suburban neighborhoods traditionally serviced with cable-modem-based internet connectivity, there are still pockets where traditional infrastructures are not offered. Exede's internet service provides that much-needed alternative.

How do I get started and get Exede Internet service?

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