Every Viasat plan comes with a data threshold. This threshold means that as long as a customer has not surpassed that amount of data in a billing cycle, their internet speeds will not get throttled. But sometimes data usage across the network gets high enough that Viasat can’t handle the entire load. In such cases, Viasat will prioritize internet speeds for those who have not yet surpassed their data threshold and throttle the speeds of those who have. This total network capacity is not determined by the number of people using the network but the total amount of data among all users being sent to Viasat’s satellites.

This means that as long as you stay under your monthly data threshold, your internet speeds will not be affected. By throttling the speed of accounts that have surpassed their data threshold, Viasat can guarantee fast internet for any users who haven’t. It also means that when you do surpass your data threshold, your speeds will be unaffected during times of lower network congestion. If you are concerned about your internet speeds being throttled during times of heavy network traffic, consider signing up for a plan with a higher data allowance so that your data can have prioritized speeds all month long.

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